Hey Folks, this is James. This is going to be just a short check in to let you know that we are not releasing an episode today. Stop, Hack, and Roll doesn’t make us any money. It’s a passion project. We can afford only a small upload plan. It means we can upload two episodes every month. Because of how the calendar fell out, this November has five Tuesdays. As a result we’re pushing this weeks episode back until Thursday.

We’re sorry if this threw anyone’s listening schedule out of wack. We’ll be looking to remedy the issue in the future. If you don’t know what to do with yourself until Thursday, I recommend you check out Dan Ender’s GamesGiving. A bunch of folks are creating microgames that we will sell a bundle for to raise money for the ACLU. Create a small game. I’m doing it and I’ve never written a game whole cloth before. It’s for a good cause. I’ll include the link in the show notes.

Until Thursday, Don’t forget to Stop Hack and Roll.

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