We create all kinds of games on Stop, Hack, & Roll and we thought it was about time we created a page to give some information on our projects!  This will include links to get more information, demos and playtests, everything you may need!

Academia Game

Still unnamed and sourced in about a hundred different game hacks, the Academia Game is focused on exploring weird phenomena in the world of academics.

For more information check out Episode 12.


There are things you must do, when you are small, to appear big.

Luchadoratón is a hack of Lasers & Feelings designed to tell big stories about tiny mice who just happen to be luchadors.

For more information check out Episode 9 as well as on Twitter with #Luchadoraton!

Pasión de los Pasiónes

A GM-Fluid PbtA hack that aims to capture the feeling of the most dramatic of media, the telenovela. Players take on the roll of characters in a Latinx soap opera for a single episode. Pasión de los Pasiónes is meant to play fast and a little meta, with frequent attention paid to the audience and how they react to characters.

For more information check out Episode 4 and Episode 13 as well as on Twitter with #PasiondelosPasiones!