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Pushing Pen and Paper Games to their Limits


Episode 30 – Initializing Initiative

In this episode Brandon and James talk about the action order economy and how games handle the very practical issue of dealing with sequence that events happen. They touch on structures for making sure every player gets the spotlight, but also making sure it makes sense for the character mechanically. Finally they ask the big questions like “can I just take this initiative system and put it in another game.”


Episode 22 – Bacon and Bathrobes

In this episode Brandon and James are joined by John Adamus of game editing, panel-talking, Noir World-creating fame. We’ve been meaning to come back around to talk about how to hack genre into a game system and the release of the Noir World Kickstarter seems as good a time as any. John walks us through his process and oh yeah this episode is almost 2 hours long.


Episode 21 – Gotta Go Fast

In this episode Brandon and James take their foot off the breaks and shift into overdrive. Starting only with what they had worked out in episode 18 for their racing game they work through the framework for a game that might just might be able to play Speed Racer AND The Fast and the Furious. Buckle up and hold on tight.